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What is tutoring?

Unlike Academic Coaching, tutoring is taking one subject and breaking it down for the student to better understand the material. CLSS tutors primarily offer tutoring for 100 and 200 level courses and the core curriculum courses. You will meet with your tutor once a week, every week for one hour or up to two hours. Your tutor will assist you in the specific course that you need help. Whether you need help for homework or would like help studying for an exam, our tutors can help with that.

Our tutors have received an "A" in the course they are tutoring at SIU. Our tutors can only assist with on-campus classes for SIU Students only.


No time to make an appointment?

We also have walk-in hours for the times when you're in need of some quick help. Click the links below to view our walk-in hours.

Walk-In Hours

Math 107 Walk-in Hours

Lentz Walk-In Hours