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What is the TAP?

The Test of Academic Proficiency is the basic skills test of Illinois which teacher education candidates within the state must pass. This exam tests reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, language arts, and writing. We provide thorough instruction in this examination's content so that this first crucial door to becoming an educator will be opened wide for you.

The Illinois Licensure Testing System coordinates the TAP examination.

The exam consists of four subtests:

  • Reading Comprehension (60 multiple choice questions)
  • Language Arts (60 multiple choice questions)
  • Writing (one constructed essay)
  • Mathematics (50 multiple choice questions)

You must earn a scaled score of 240 out of 300 to pass each subtest.

You may retake any subtest, after a 30-day waiting period.

Visit the ILTS webpage for information on the TAP.

SIU students can access our free online review modules (housed on D2L). Send your request to: tutoring@siu.edu

TAP group workshops are $30.00 per subject, choose either Quantitative Reasoning(Math) or Verbal Reasoning (Language Arts, Writing), with groups of 3-6 clients attending. One to one tutoring for TAP is $60.00 per workshop, either Quantitative Reasoning(Math) or Verbal Reasoning (Language Arts, Writing).